Sound Options Group

Education Consultants in Puget Sound area

P.O. Box 11457, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Sound Options provides mediation services between families and school districts or learning centers when an issue arises as to the special education services the child is receiving in the district. To qualify, a child must be in special education or have an IEP (or in the case of a child under age 3, an IFSP). There is no charge to the parent or district for this service; it’s funded either through OSPI or in the case of a child under age 3, DSHS. Sound Options will do an intake evaluation and identify the necessary parties to participate in the mediation. The goal is to arrange mediation within two weeks after the initial phone call. Advocates (such as PAVE) may attend the meeting; however, it is expected that the parent will speak on behalf of the family and the district will speak for itself. As a typical mediation takes approximately seven to nine hours, Sound Options requires all participants to commit an entire day to the mediation prior to scheduling it. Sound Options also offers training classes addressing collaborative problem solving for parents.